The CUNY Smart Grid Interdependencies Laboratory (SGIL) at the City College of New York is a research group focused on: the rising interdependencies between the power grid and other critical infrastructures; power system resilience; microgrids; renewable energy; and electric vehicles. We use our expertise with power system fundamentals, control, operation and protection, as well as analytical and machine-learning based tools to contribute to the national call for a greener, more efficient, reliable and resilient power grid. The following list summarizes some of the research thrusts that we are currently focusing on.

  • We utilize our expertise with power system fundamentals to contribute to the national call for a greener, more efficient, reliable and resilient electric grid.

  • Prof. Mohamed receives the NSF CAREER Award.

  • We employ concepts of complex network analysis and AI to analyze and mitigate the rising inter dependencies between the smart grid and other critical infrastructures.

  • Meet our team..

  • We work with New York State, ConEd, and New York City Transit on making the subway more efficient and resilient.

  • We develop novel techniques to control renewable energy-based microgrids and community microgrids.

  • We have developed a state-of-the-art microgrid testbed setup.

Research Highlights

Community Microgrids

we introduce the concept of “Community Energy Cells” (CEC)...

Transportation electrification

Our group, along with Con Edison, New York City Transit (NYCT), and New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), explore how....

Power system resilience

Improving the protection and resilience of critical infrastructures (CIs) in the United States against natural disasters and manmade threats is an imperative short-term goal...

Food-Water-Energy Nexus

Many cities across the globe are facing difficult challenges in managing their food, water, and energy systems. The challenges stem from the fact that ....

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