Ahmed Mohamed

Associate Professor

Director, Smart Grid Interdependencies Laboratory

Advisor, Electrical Engineering PhD Program

Ahmed Ali A. Mohamed (El-Tallawy) is an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering (EE) at the City College of the City University of New York (CUNY). He is the EE PhD Program Advisor, and the director of the CUNY Smart Grid Interdependencies Laboratory (http://smartgrid.ccny.cuny.edu). Prof. Mohamed serves on the editorial board of journals, including the IEEE Transactions on Transportation Electrification, IEEE Access, Springer Urban Rail Transit, Frontiers in Big Data, and IEEE TechRxiv.

Prof. Mohamed received his Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Florida International University, Miami, FL. His research work is supported through funds from various companies and national funding agencies, e.g. Con Edison, the National Science Foundation, and New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. His research interests include critical infrastructure interdependencies, smart grid resilience, microgrids, and transportation electrification. He has numerous publications in these fields as book chapters, and articles in premier journals and conference proceedings.

Prof. Mohamed is the recipient of the 2019 NSF CAREER Award, among several other honors and awards. Several of Prof. Mohamed’s publications received prestigious awards, such as the IEEE Electric Machinery Committee Best Paper Award.

Prof. Mohamed served on review panels for several national and international funding agencies, e.g. the US Department of Energy, the US National Science Foundation, and the Chilean National Science and Technology Commission. He is the Advisor of the CCNY chapters of the IEEE PES/IAS/PELS and the HKN Honor Society. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE and has been holding several IEEE executive positions throughout his career.

Current Researchers

PhD Candidates/Students

Yusef Esa. Yusef Esa is a PhD student at the SGIL, Grove School of Engineering, City Collage of New York (CCNY). He received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from CCNY in 2015, and 2017, respectively. His research interests include techno-financial aspects related to renewable energy systems and distributed energy resources, microgrid design and control, and battery management systems.


Mohamed Kamaludeen is a Project Manager with more than 13 years of professional service in the electric power industry.  His experience spans the breadth and depth of the electric system planning process including Engineering and Design, Forecasting, Sub-station Planning and Energy Storage. He leads the integration of Utility Scale battery systems into the distribution architecture and develops new business models to optimize benefits to the grid and customers. His portfolio of projects advances the utility’s stake in integrating energy storage to achieve New York State Clean Energy goals and the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) objectives. His professional and personal background affords him the technical and policy tools necessary for making a more resilient and resourceful grid.

Mohamed graduated from Clarkson University with a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering and later earned two masters degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Economics from the City College of New York (CCNY).  He is pursuing a PhD in Electrical Engineering at CCNY with research focus on energy storage systems and DERs integration on the grid.


Lizzette Salmeron. Lizzette Salmeron is a PhD Electrical Engineering student at the SGIL, Grove School of Engineering—CCNY. Her research interests include power systems, microgrid technology, renewable energy, and the correlation between climate change & energy. She is the recipient of the GEM fellowship, among other awards and fellowships.


Rohama Ahmad. Rohama received his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from CCNY in 2017, and his Master’s in Electrical Engineering from CCNY in 2021.  He is currently pursuing a PhD from CCNY.  He has been working as a mechanical and electrical engineer for NYCT MTA since 2017, where he tests and troubleshoots work trains, provides field support, and reviews technical submittals.  His research interests include vehicle design, robotic manipulation, energy conversion, and artificial intelligence.


Kirn Zafar is a PhD student at the SGIL, Grove School of Engineering, City Collage of New York (CCNY).  Her research interests include power system dynamics, renewable energy systems, microgrids, smart grids and battery management systems.



Marthen Dangu Elu Beily is from Indonesia, He received his B.Sc degree from Universitas Nusa Cendana, Indonesia, in 2009 and M.Sc From National Kaohsiung University of science and Technology, Taiwan, in 2015.
He is currently pursuing a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering and joining the Renewable Energy research team at the Smart Grid Interdependencies Laboratory, Grove School of Engineering—CCNY. His Research interests include power systems, Microgrid technology and Renewable Energy.


Dujohn Hendricks. Dujohn Hendricks is currently a PhD candidate at the SGIL. His research interests include demand response, energy market and large-scale power system economics.

Current MS Students

Angel Peralta. Angel Peralta is a M.Sc. Computer Engineering student at the Grove School of Engineering, CCNY. He received his B.E. degrees in Electrical Engineering from CCNY in 2016.  His interests are Microgrids, Renewable Energy, Internet of Things, Coding, and Artificial Intelligence.



Elihu Nyemah was born in Maryland County, Liberia (West Africa). He received his Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering from William V.S. Tubman University, Harper, Liberia. He is currently enrolled in Master of Engineering program at the Grove School of Engineering at the City College of New York, USA. His research is focused on developing Battery Systems for VAR Support in Con Edison’s Distribution Network/Substation.


George Saadeh. George saadeh is currently a M.E. Electrical Engineering student at the Grove School of Engineering- CCNY. He has received his Bachelors in Mechatronics Engineering from the University of Balamand, Lebanon in 2019. His research interest includes solar power plant design/ operations and power gird stability. He works as an Electrical-Solar Solutions Engineer.


Kaung Shein. Kaung Myat Shein is currently a M.E. Electrical Engineering student at the Grove School of Engineering (CCNY). He received his bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Ohio State University in 2019. He is currently working with SGIL to create load flow model for commercial and residential buildings when connected to EV charging, CHP, HP, and solar panel along with their impacts on both grid and building regular electrical appliances. He worked as manufacturing engineering intern at Stanley Electric in London, Ohio in 2018,2019 and 2020. He also worked as Electronics Engineer for Keboda Technology Corp. in 2020. Currently, he is working as associate Electrical Engineer for School Construction Authority New York City.

  • Anderson Zhang

Current Undergraduate Research Assistants

Ondrea Kanwhen. Ondrea Kanwhen is an Electrical Engineering student at the Grove School of Engineering CCNY. She is a researcher at SGIL, and her research interests include renewable energy, power systems, incorporating blockchain in distributed energy resource management. Ondrea is a certified solar installer and volunteers with Grid Alternatives to provide low-cost solar to low- and moderate-income households.


Hebatallah Mostafa was born in Cairo, Egypt. She recieved her A.S degree of science in Electrical Engineering from LaGuardia Community College, in 2020. She is currently working toward her B.S degree in Electrical Engineering at CCNY. Also, she is currently part of SGIL group working on research “Interdependencies Between Electric Vehicles and the power grid.”


Herta Metushaj is a senior B.E Electrical Engineering student at CUNY, City College. Her research interests include microelectronics, power systems, and renewable energy greater area.
She is currently employed as an Electrical Engineering Intern in the telecommunication industry at a company that develops safety and security communication products for NYC mass transit.


  • Razib Sarkar

  • Adam Yafaie


Former Postdoctors

  • Dr. Werner Brandauer (Senior Researcher/Postdoctor) (Currently Head of Business Development CEE at Siemens EM Digital Grid), Vienna, Austria

PhD Graduates

Oindrilla Dutta (currently with Sandia National Laboratory). Oindrilla Dutta was born in Calcutta, India. She received her Bachelor of Technology degree from West Bengal University of Technology, India, in 2014. She is currently working towards the Ph.D. degree in Smart Grid Interdependencies Laboratory at the Electrical Engineering Department, The City College of New York, NY.


Tamer Ibrahim (currently with the Electric Power Research Institute). Tamer Ibrahim received his B.Sc. (2012) and M.Sc. (2015) degrees from Minia University, Egypt. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate at The City College of New York, USA. His main interest is centered around applying concepts of big data analytics and machine learning to solve critical power system operational issues.


Mahdiyeh Khodaparastan (currently with Con Edison). Mahdiyeh Khodaparastan received the PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from CUNY City College on August 2020. She received the B.Sc. and M.Sc degrees in electrical power engineering from Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, in 2010 and 2012, respectively. Her research interests include energy storage systems design and development, as well as power system protection and distributed generators.


Mahmoud Saleh (currently Assistant Professor at Florida Polytechnic University). Mahmoud Saleh was a PhD candidate at the smart grid laboratory at the Department of Electrical Engineering, City Collage of New York. He defended his PhD dissertation on May 2019. He received his ME from CCNY in 2013. His research interest includes enhancing grid resilience; microgrids design, control, and automation; applications of complex network analysis in electric power systems; impact of ICT degradation on the smart grid; and regenerative energy braking in electric traction systems. He received multiple awards regarding his work: The prestigious James O. Gray Scholarship; best paper in the IEEE ICRERA conference; and first place in the 9th annual graduate student research symposium at The City College of New York for designing and implementing a Microgrid testbed. [Dissertation Title: Community Microgrids for Resilient Smart Grid Operation: Complex Network Analysis Based Design and ICT-Enabled State/Event Driven Control]

Jyothi Phatak (Visiting Student) received the B.E degree (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) from JNNCE college, VTU university, India and M.Tch degree in Power Electronics from BMSCE, VTU University, India in 2003 and 2010, respectively. Currently, she is pursuing Ph.D in the field of “Electric Vehicle” from VTU University, India. She worked as a visiting student to Smart Grid Interdependencies Laboratory, CUNY-City College, New York, USA. Her research interests include energy storage systems design and development in Electric Vehicles.

MS Graduates

  • Rohama Ahmad (MS) [Thesis Title: Coordinated Control for DC Energy Hubs Involving DERs, EVs, and Subway Systems]

  • Muhammad Bhatti (MS)

  • Francisco Barros (MS)

  • Zacarias Imperial (MS)

  • Saujanya Band (MS)

  • Md Mamun (MS)

Jason L. Baldorado. Jason L. Baldorado is an M.E. Electrical Engineering student at the SGIL, CUNY City College. He received his B.E. degree in Electrical Engineering from CCNY in 2016. His research interests include microgrid design, power systems, renewable energy, and radio-frequency. He also enjoys programming and working with hardware. Currently, he is assisting in developing an AC microgrid with future projects to come.


Khan Adnan. Khan M. Adnan was an M.E. Electrical Engineering student at the SGIL, CUNY City College. He received his B.E. degree in Electrical Engineering from CCNY in 2014. His research interests include power systems, renewable energy and grid-modernization. Currently, besides studies, he is working as a Transmission Planning Engineer in the Electric Power Industry. [Thesis Title: Analysis of the benefits of Regenerative Braking in Urban Railway Traction System]


Mattia Sartori. Mattia Sartori pursued his M.E. in Electrical Engineering at the Grove School of Engineering, City College of New York (CCNY). His research interests at the SGIL include building electrification in NYC, energy conservancy and high-performance buildings, in conjunction with the CUNY Building Performance Lab (BPL). Additionally, He is also working in an electrical engineering firm as a Project Engineer. Mattia received a B.E. and a M.E. in Environmental Engineering from Università degli studi di Brescia, Italy. [Thesis Title: Fossil fuel impact of buildings electrification in New York City]


Ahmed Rahman. Ahmed S. Rahman pursued his M.E in Electrical Engineering at the Grove School of Engineering, City College of New York (CCNY). Before CCNY, Ahmed received his BSc Degree in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering from North South University, Bangladesh. His research interests at the SGIL include regenerative braking energy recuperation, energy storage systems, renewable energy and power systems. Apart from being a master’s student, he is also working as an Electrical Engineer in the Transportation Industry in NYC. [Thesis Title: A quantification analysis on potential use of recuperated regenerative braking energy from NYCT Subways into charging electric buses]


Anil Rajpatei. Anil Rajpatei was M.E. Electrical Engineering student at the SGIL, CUNY City College. He received his B.E. degree in Electrical Engineering from CCNY in 2015. His research interests include renewable energy, regenerative braking energy recuperation, control and management of hybrid energy storages, power electronics and power systems. Currently, he works as an electrical engineer in the telecommunication industry, developing communication and security products for mass transit. [Thesis Title: Energy Management System of Hybrid Wayside Storage in Urban Railway Traction]

  • Amir Rizvi (MTA/NYCT) [Thesis Title: A Case Study on Grid Impacts of Electric Vehicles on New York City Power Grid]

  • Xiang (Derek) Lin (MTA/NYCT)

  • Fernando Dario Hernandez Arias [Thesis Title: Impact of Distributed Generation on Power Distribution Network Overcorrect Protection]

  • Ammar Althaibani, Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MS) [Thesis Title: Stability and Resilience of Connected Microgrids]

  • Francisco Del Carmen Martinez Martinez, New York Power Authority (MS)

  • Md Aminul Islam, Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MS) [Thesis Title: The Proposal for Implementation of Controlled Power Rectifier (3000/4000KW) in MTA New York City Transit (MTA-NYCT) Traction Power System]

  • Bachir Bakkour, Panasonic (MS)

  • Yusef Esa (MS) [Thesis Title: A Hybrid State/Event Driven Communication-based Control for DC Microgrids] Third Place, IEEE IAS Best Thesis Contest.

  • Yassine Mhandi, Eversource Energy (MS) [Thesis Title: Data Driven Approach for Increasing Power Grid Situational Awareness and Mitigating Cascaded Failures]

  • David Vaughan (MS)

  • Jorge Luis Mejia (MS)

  • Grey Kingsley (MS)

  • Ali Sahin (MS) [Thesis Title: Control and Optimization of Microgrids Involving Photovoltaic Generation and Energy Storage]

Previous Undergraduate Students

  • Ambra Sina

  • Carlos Maldonade

  • Stephanie Lojano

  • Cherno Barry

  • Miguel Mancipe (BS)

  • Miguel Monclus (BS)

  • Junaid Hussain (BS)

  • George Haramis (BS)

  • Wing Tak Kong (BS)

  • Danny Havugimana (BS)

  • Abdelkarim Elfaouzi (BS)

  • Erzhena Gennady (BS)

  • Amit Bhattacharjee (BS)

  • Swapan Saha (BS)

  • Mohd Golam Hossain (BS)

  • Hugh Carmichael, Con Edison (BS)

  • Saiduzzaman Sikder (BS)

  • Joe Brian Veloso Malubay (BS)

  • Rachid Lougrini (BS)

  • Alfred Rezk (BS)

  • Benjamin Brandwein (BS)

  • Tyrone Shillingford (BS)

  • Aviv Arusi (BS)

  • Nwabueze King Zephyranus Onuorah (BS)

  • Aaron Moises Sued Fernandez (BS)

  • Luis A Ramirez (BS)

  • MD Rahman (BS)


Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program

  • Rogerio Paes Menezes Filho

  • Jonas Alvarenga Dos Santos

  • Nayara Diniz Oliveira


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